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My inspiration for the Silk Dreams™ Hummingbird Collection began many years ago when I was trying to have a baby with my husband. I was living in California and left baby making until later in my life than earlier. The reason for this is another story in itself for another day. Now, I was in my late 30’s and it turned out not to be so simple to make a baby. I worked very hard for several years applying everything I knew to conceive, including both medical and complementary strategies. I also had help from Native Americans and Aboriginal elders. I had almost given up.

Then, one day standing in the lounge room of my small two-bedroom Berkeley apartment with the patio door open, I heard humming behind my head. My husband had seen what happened and told me to turn around very slowly. A Humming bird had flown into our apartment through the open door. I slowly turned around, there she was, staring directly at me at the tip of my nose! Her wings vibrating so fast hummed loudly. In an instant, she turned and flashed back out the door.

I was stunned and excited. I knew this was a very special sign. My Native American friends had taught me this. Hummingbird is a powerful doctor and messenger. A day or two later I received the great news that I had finally conceived. I was going to be a mother. I was elated and so happy I could hardly believe it after so many years of trying without success.

I hope you enjoy the beautiful hummingbird silk loungewear inspired by my love for the hummingbird, the messenger!

May the hummingbird bless you with good luck and good news too!