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Luxurious Silk for Lounging!

Kaliopi makes her debut this week at LA Fashion Week (LAFW) with the launch of her most comprehensive women’s collection yet COMPLETE ME. Last month Kaliopi debuted at Women’s Wear in Nevada (WWIN) during Las Vegas fashion week and introduced SOLARIS, the second exclusive collection and print in her Silk Dreams collections.

It all began with the launch of in October last year which coincided with the release of her first exclusive Silk Dreams Lounge Wear Collection, EQUESTRIAN.

Inspired by the ancient bronze horses of St. Marc’s Basilica, Venice, Italy the origins of which, lost in the legends of Greek antiquity although are claimed by many who followed including the Romans. Kaliopi’s interpretation, perhaps fueled by her ancestral lineage to sculpture bolsters the legend. Like the remains buried deep within the vaults of St. Marc’s, historically claimed by the Venetians, who pillaged them from the Egyptians as an exercise in marketing (to attract pilgrims), to be those of its namesake. Now, however there are those who believe they may belong to none other than Alexander, the Great!

Stallions prance, gallop powerfully and mares gaze longingly.

Silk Dreams Equestrian Lounge Wear Collection.

Kaliopi Eleni.