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SOLARIS Universe of Stars

The second exclusive art by Kaliopi emblazoned on luxurious silk lounge wear in hues of shimmering gold and azure oceans of blue, reminding us, be bold, share the path, the power, the poise, the grace and the beauty, radiating and dazzling. The god force, contained and yet blazing brilliantly with the golden hues of star light. Hold your loved one dearly, feel the silken touch. It is short lived. Amble, warmed by golden rays of sunlight, billowing silken breeze, cools, lifts and gently drops the azure blue and shimmering gold robes. The sacred and the mystical secrets cloaked within.

Your lover, bronzed and statuesque, a god, immortalized, hold on tightly, play, never forget, infinite, universe of stars, float, shimmer, glow, radiate and dazzle.

Kaliopi Eleni